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              The first and foremost thing required for clearing JEE or any other type of equivalent exam is to believe that you can clear it. A decent preparation of 2 years is enough to clear these exams. All you have to do is start the preparation early. Once you start preparing, maintain consistency, say a preparation of 4-5 hours daily. Remember there are many people who have cleared these exams by preparing for less than a year.

               Once you make up your mind to prepare for JEE then never give up, there will be many instances where you feel like quitting. So if quitting is the option you can quit at the end i.e after the exams. Here are some basic criteria you should know before starting the preparation.

               The JEE question paper majorly consists question which  are concept and logic based. Therefore a student needs to learn the concept first, and then its applications. Remember repetition of questions in JEE is very rare, hence every year it’s almost a fresh question paper. So mugging up the things won’t really work in physics and mathematics, yeah a little memory bases question appear in chemistry inorganic part.

This is how you have to start Preparing for JEE:

PHYSICS: First read NCERT text book thoroughly as soon as possible. Then read Concepts of Physics from HC Verma and solve problems in that, then refer Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick Halliday and its problems and finally solve problems from IE Irdov.

CHEMISTRY: Read NCERT Text book especially inorganic part. The question asked in inorganic chemistry both for JEE main and JEE advanced is from NCERT text books only. For organic part refer Morison and Boyd, remember the reaction which are named after scientists like Wurtz reachtion, Clememson’s reduction etc. Then refer any standard book for physical chemistry and problems.

Mathematics: There is no particular method for preparing mathematics. It depends on how good you are at playing with numbers. You can gain mastery in mathematics by solving more and more problems of different variety. Any book from a standard publication will help you out.

Above all you can subscribe for the monthly magazine PCMB Today from MTG Learning media which keeps you updated with the current exam pattern, model question papers and many more.

I hope the above tips will boost your preparation and guide you to certain extent.

Rithesh Kamath

Founder and MD, SGI

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