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Here are 5 top study tips to make a good study module

1. Prepare a proper time table: It doesn’t matter whether you are a morning reader or a night reader, you have to set a proper timetable in your convenient time zone. Maintain consistency in the time table.

2. Sleep Less: It is said that to be healthy a person needs to sleep for 8 full hours, but if are in your teenage the body doesn’t need that much of sleep, sleeping for 6 hours can keep a person healthy and fit. By doing this you save 2 hours, or literally you will be enjoying 26 hours a day. Utilize this extra time in studies which make you more inbound with academics.

3. Start with a small note: Studying continuously for hours together just increases your stress level. There is a high chance of forgetting what you have studied. So start to study with small time intervals, say 30min. Then take a break of 10min, repeat this for some time. Then gradually increase the time duration to 1 hour. This will increase the efficiency.

4. Tackle your weakness: Many people always start studying with easy topics and keep the tougher one’s for last minute preparation. This will reduce the chances of scoring high marks. Start studying complicated topics and try gaining mastery over them. Because easy thing are always easy and you can study them any time.

5. Take retreats and rewards: When you get tired of studying and you further force yourself to study more, you lose interest on the subject. In that case just go for a change, like going out with friends or watching a movie. This will recompose your zeal to study. Set tasks in studies like completing certain chapter or a derivation or a problem. When you do that reward yourself with something that you like. For example, set a task that if I complete a xyz chapter in physics then I will browse facebook  for a while, or I will eat ice cream etc. Make sure that you reward yourself only when you accomplish the task.

Wish all students best of luck for their exam. Have a great time ahead.

~Rithesh Kamath


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